Black folk and other marginalized groups all over have asked for centuries, without a clear answer

Collage of two cropped photos: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leading a group of civil rights workers and Black Selma protesters in prayer, February 1, 1965. (BH — AP Photo); Washington Mystics’ kneel down in protest before their postponed game against the Atlanta Dream, August 26, 2020. (Stephen Gosling/NBAE/Getty Images).

The truth is, I need help to get this next book published the way I’d like to

Heat Check, Hail Mary, between Steph Curry and Aaron Rodgers (cropped and spliced), September 13, 2021.

Between academia, the nonprofit world, and publishing, it’s been a not-so-funny comedy of toxicity, and all the mistakes are mine

The Three Stooges at a Bar, accessed September 2, 2021 (

Stealing someone’s words can erase their dreams and their worth

Michael Jackson in the middle of his first public moonwalk while singing “Billie Jean” (cropped screen shot), Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, May 16, 1983. (NBC/Starvista;

My difficult ride in book publishing since 1999

Agents from The Matrix (1999) screenshot (cropped), August 8, 2021. (

I took 40 years to come full circle as a writer, and I am a fool for taking so long

Me and my receding hairline, May 22, 2020 (Donald Earl Collins)

How so many of us are like slaughtered lambs, killed for sport in and out of higher education

Lambs from living to skewered (cropped and collaged), July 27, 2021. (Donald Earl Collins, via and © Alison Toon/Adobe stock)

Do White-owned platforms and institutions really provide opportunities to challenge America’s White supremacy?

Civic diving platform closed due to leaks and repair needs, Canberra, Australia, November 18, 2015. (Hannah Walmsley, Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Donald Earl Collins

Freelancer via @washingtonpost | @TheAtlantic |@AJEnglish | @Guardian; American Univ. & UMUC history prof. Invite me to write/speak:

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